FERI expects demand for alternative investments such as private markets (private equity, infrastructure, real estate) and hedge fund investments to continue rising strongly in the coming years. FERI currently manages alternative investments exceeding 18 billion euros, making it one of the largest providers in Germany.
For more than 20 years, we have been offering our clients individually tailored risk management solutions. Market risks are actively managed according to risk and return parameters jointly defined in advance.
In institutional asset management, FERI offers a broad range of asset management services for institutional investors. Our investment specialists have many years of experience in all asset classes and follow a multi-asset approach ranging from the development and implementation of individual investment strategies to quantitative risk management and control.
FERI expects demand for alternative investments such as private markets (private equity, infrastructure, real estate) and hedge fund investments to continue rising strongly in the coming years. FERI currently manages alternative investments exceeding 18 billion euros, making it one of the largest providers in Germany.
For more than 20 years, we have been offering our clients individually tailored risk management solutions. Market risks are actively managed according to risk and return parameters jointly defined in advance.
FERI is a byword for comprehensive, individual, transparent and sustainable advice and support for private clients. With over 30 years of experience, we offer private investors a wide range of asset management services.
For us, your requirements and needs are the basis for planning and optimising your asset structure. We always keep an eye on all legal and tax aspects and try to bring about improvements for you. As we work strategically on a long-term basis, we place a strong focus on comprehensive future and succession planning. Foundation consulting is also part of our strategic asset structuring.
The FERI family office is the strategy advisor for your assets. We offer services ranging from strategic asset planning, implementation consulting and results monitoring and controls, through risk management and asset protection strategies to sustainability consulting.
With the help of an asset liability management study, FERI can show you whether a financing system in its current form is sustainable and whether sufficient risk carriers are available or whether a modification of the system is advisable.
During the transition to a sustainable future, FERI guides and supports you in the implementation of a sustainability concept and in the implementation and further development of existing solutions.
FERI’s comprehensive support ranges from optimal asset allocation and investment planning to appointing managers, reporting, monitoring and controls. Clear structures always ensure well-documented decisions and transparent investments.
FERI carries out a cost check in three steps and determines the costs for mandates, depositaries and investment management. In times of persistently low interest rates, these are a key factor in the performance of any portfolio.
FERI uses the three-step manager check to assess the quality and performance of asset managers.
FERI evaluates current portfolios in terms of expected returns and risk and checks whether the allocation still meets the requirements regarding yield and available risk budget. In addition, FERI presents you with alternative portfolios that promise higher returns with the same risk or offer similar opportunities for returns with reduced risk.
To ensure the success of the investment, FERI provides guidance on risk management processes. These range from the preparation of a risk manual and risk inventory to regular reporting and commentary.
In order to identify the risk sources and their distribution in the portfolio of an investment, FERI prepares a risk sheet, which makes this information transparent and clear. It clearly shows what share of the overall risk is attributable to the individual investment funds, segments and asset classes.
FERI offers its clients the entire process of investment consulting and has continuously developed it since the 1990s. Thanks to our extensive experience, self-developed research and analysing tools and the access to around 250 employees in all areas of the investment process, we create significant added value for our clients through our range of consulting services.
Asset allocation – an overview of the latest market developments. FERI offers optimal, quantitative and qualitative support for decision-making, both in terms of strategic and tactical asset allocation.
FERI’s economic expertise is used in high-profile companies for operational planning and market research and in numerous banks for risk management from an industry perspective. We offer our clients the following services: worldwide economic data; global macro research; global economic, interest rate and currency forecasts; country and sector outlooks; FERI sector rating.
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Society is what we make of it.

As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility. To make the world a sustainably better place for everyone, we support selected projects and cooperate with various organizations. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Commitment is the only way to make a difference. Be it in cultural, social or ecological terms. This applies to every individual and especially to companies like us. That is why we are committed to causes that are close to our hearts and promote the issue of sustainability at many levels. For example, we support various funding projects, organize conferences, give expert lectures and produce our own studies and publications focusing on climate change, decarbonization and impact investing.

We are committed in many ways

SDG 4 - Quality Education

FERI4Education: Sustainability as a training opportunity

FERI attaches great importance to the topic of education (deeper insights = better education). Therefore, our social commitment is particularly focused on SDG 4 "Quality Education". We are convinced that many other aspects of sustainable social stability and development are positively influenced via qualitative and targeted education.

As part of FERI4Education, we cooperate with schools in Bad Homburg to spark students' interest in careers and courses of study related to sustainability during career information days and workshops.

SDG 4 - Quality Education

Kinderschutzbund Kreisverband Hochtaunus: equal education for all

We support Kinderschutzbund Kreisverband Hochtaunus (KSB) since our 2021 Christmas donation. Equal education for children is particularly important to us and this is exactly what Kristina Odak and her team are committed to every day. In spring 2022, we supported KSB through our internal #FERIhilft campaign to set up an education center that helps refugee children and mothers from Ukraine getting off to a good start in Bad Homburg.

In addition to financial support, we are also active ourselves. For example, we read together with the KSB after-school children on the annual nationwide reading aloud day (Bundesweiter Vorlesetag)

Social Commitment

#FERIhilft - achieving more together: for refugees

At FERI, helping the affected people from/in Ukraine is very close to our hearts. Inspired by suggestions from our colleagues, we supported various aid campaigns over the course of the year.

The projects selected were as diverse as our locations. But financial help is not enough for our colleagues - they often became active there themselves.

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SDG 13 - Climate Action

Climate Partner: climate neutrality through CO2 compensation

Together with our parent company, we offset our CO2 emissions through selected climate protection projects run by the ClimatePartner organization. These not only plant trees in regional forests, but also work to protect forests and species in the Peruvian Amazonas region, for example through environmental education for the local population. 

Thanks to this commitment, we are a climate-neutral company within the Group. 

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SDG 13 - Climate Action / SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

E-mobility & green power: reducing our environmental footprint

We put great importance to using clean energy for our daily work and are constantly looking for new ways to further reduce our environmental footprint. For example, we have been sourcing green electricity for all our sites since 2019 and offer our employees a wide range of e-vehicles (cars and e-bikes) to make the journey to work and to customers as emission-free as possible. At the in-house e-pumps at our headquarters in Bad Homburg, these - but also the private e-vehicles of FERI employees - can be charged during working hours so that they can be mobile at all times. 

SDG 15 - Life on Land

The FERI bees: our small contribution to the preservation of biodiversity

Since 2020, we have had little striped subtenants in our front garden in Bad Homburg - the FERI bees. What originally served to protect the bee population and thus promote biodiversity quickly developed into a personal matter of the heart for us. The FERI bees are now an integral part of our sustainability concept and additionally delight us several times a year with their "liquid gold". They also find the nectar for this on our green roof areas.

Cooperations & initiatives

We support selected initiatives and institutions in order to contribute to the further development and dissemination of public perception on the subject of sustainability: 

  • Since 2014, we are signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Investing (UN PRI) and thus promote the principles of sustainable investment and business practices.

  • We are working together with the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing (German federal initiative Impact Investing) to establish the topic of sustainability in the financial sector. 

  • As part of the EBS compact course Impact Investing as well as at the MLP Corporate University/MLP School of Financial Education (MLP SoFE) our specialists pass on their know-how on the selection of investments with a positive on the environment and society and thus make a valuable contribution to further education as well as to the commitment to sustainable investing.

  • With regard to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) we are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). They provide an excellent summary of the world's most pressing environmental, social and economic issues. 

Greater achievements through networking

FERI attaches great importance to open discourse on topics of strategic relevance. We maintain a lively exchange with business leaders, researchers and thought leaders, especially within the framework of interdisciplinary networks. In addition, we maintain close contacts - often in the form of targeted collaborations and joint projects - with renowned institutions such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Club of Rome, St. Gallen University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim University of Economics and Business, European Business School (EBS), Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and many others. Numerous relevant initiatives and network contacts are bundled in the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute, the strategic research center and think tank of the FERI Group.  

Selected studies by the FERI Cognitive Finance Institute on the topic of sustainability

Sustainable Blue Economy

Partner: Fraunhofer IGD, GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum

Future trend "alternative food"

Partners: Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin & World Economic Forum

Transition to a low-carbon economy

Partner: ISS-Ethix Climate Solutions

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