FERI expects demand for alternative investments such as private markets (private equity, infrastructure, real estate) and hedge fund investments to continue rising strongly in the coming years. FERI currently manages alternative investments exceeding 18 billion euros, making it one of the largest providers in Germany.
For more than 20 years, we have been offering our clients individually tailored risk management solutions. Market risks are actively managed according to risk and return parameters jointly defined in advance.
In institutional asset management, FERI offers a broad range of asset management services for institutional investors. Our investment specialists have many years of experience in all asset classes and follow a multi-asset approach ranging from the development and implementation of individual investment strategies to quantitative risk management and control.
FERI expects demand for alternative investments such as private markets (private equity, infrastructure, real estate) and hedge fund investments to continue rising strongly in the coming years. FERI currently manages alternative investments exceeding 18 billion euros, making it one of the largest providers in Germany.
For more than 20 years, we have been offering our clients individually tailored risk management solutions. Market risks are actively managed according to risk and return parameters jointly defined in advance.
FERI is a byword for comprehensive, individual, transparent and sustainable advice and support for private clients. With over 30 years of experience, we offer private investors a wide range of asset management services.
For us, your requirements and needs are the basis for planning and optimising your asset structure. We always keep an eye on all legal and tax aspects and try to bring about improvements for you. As we work strategically on a long-term basis, we place a strong focus on comprehensive future and succession planning. Foundation consulting is also part of our strategic asset structuring.
The FERI family office is the strategy advisor for your assets. We offer services ranging from strategic asset planning, implementation consulting and results monitoring and controls, through risk management and asset protection strategies to sustainability consulting.
With the help of an asset liability management study, FERI can show you whether a financing system in its current form is sustainable and whether sufficient risk carriers are available or whether a modification of the system is advisable.
During the transition to a sustainable future, FERI guides and supports you in the implementation of a sustainability concept and in the implementation and further development of existing solutions.
FERI’s comprehensive support ranges from optimal asset allocation and investment planning to appointing managers, reporting, monitoring and controls. Clear structures always ensure well-documented decisions and transparent investments.
FERI carries out a cost check in three steps and determines the costs for mandates, depositaries and investment management. In times of persistently low interest rates, these are a key factor in the performance of any portfolio.
FERI uses the three-step manager check to assess the quality and performance of asset managers.
FERI evaluates current portfolios in terms of expected returns and risk and checks whether the allocation still meets the requirements regarding yield and available risk budget. In addition, FERI presents you with alternative portfolios that promise higher returns with the same risk or offer similar opportunities for returns with reduced risk.
To ensure the success of the investment, FERI provides guidance on risk management processes. These range from the preparation of a risk manual and risk inventory to regular reporting and commentary.
In order to identify the risk sources and their distribution in the portfolio of an investment, FERI prepares a risk sheet, which makes this information transparent and clear. It clearly shows what share of the overall risk is attributable to the individual investment funds, segments and asset classes.
FERI offers its clients the entire process of investment consulting and has continuously developed it since the 1990s. Thanks to our extensive experience, self-developed research and analysing tools and the access to around 250 employees in all areas of the investment process, we create significant added value for our clients through our range of consulting services.
Asset allocation – an overview of the latest market developments. FERI offers optimal, quantitative and qualitative support for decision-making, both in terms of strategic and tactical asset allocation.
FERI’s economic expertise is used in high-profile companies for operational planning and market research and in numerous banks for risk management from an industry perspective. We offer our clients the following services: worldwide economic data; global macro research; global economic, interest rate and currency forecasts; country and sector outlooks; FERI sector rating.
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Applicant Data Protection

Data processing for applications (in particular: use of the "Softgarden e-recruiting" application platform)

The protection of personal data of applicants, employees and all third parties associated with us is particularly important to us. On this page you will find information from the FERI Group on the protection of personal data which is processed by us in the course of job applications. It explains how personal data is handled in the course of the application and job filling process.

Please also refer to the FERI Group's privacy policy for users of its websites, which can be found here.

General information on data processing

Who is responsible for data processing?

FERI AG is initially responsible for the collection and processing of your application by post, e-mail, online or entered on the application platform. In the context of the application process for a position within the FERI Group, the data will be transferred to FERI AG or FERI (Luxembourg) S.A. as well as its branch in Germany according to the position to be filled, which will then process the data responsibly.

Contact information responsible party

Contact FERI AG, FERI (Luxembourg) S.A. - Branch Office Germany

You can reach the responsible companies FERI AG and FERI (Luxembourg) S.A. - Niederlassung Deutschland each using the same contact details as follows:

Postal: Rathausplatz 8-10
61348 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, Germany

Electronically: karriere@feri.de

Phone: +49 (0) 6172 916-9980

To exercise your rights, please contact FERI AG directly.

Contact FERI (Luxembourg) S.A. - Luxembourg office

The contact information for FERI (Luxembourg) S.A. can be found at https://www.feri.lu/datenschutz.

Contact Data Protection Officer

You can contact the company data protection officer of the FERI Group at datenschutz@feri.de.

Purposes, legal basis, recipients and storage period

What personal data is processed and for what purpose?

When you apply for a job (e.g. via the application platform), FERI processes your contact data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address), as well as your curriculum vitae, professional qualifications, skills, details of professional experience including evidence thereof, and other data and documents submitted by you. Depending on the position, a certificate of good conduct and information on financial reliability may also be required. We also process information that you provide in electronic and written form or in person and by telephone, as well as information in professional networks such as Xing or LinkedIn, provided that the data is public or accessible to members or you refer us to your profile in these networks. Your data will be collected and processed for the purpose of carrying out the application procedure, including the exchange of contact with you and the decision on filling the position. This is done in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 (b) DSGVO in conjunction with. § 26 para. 1 BDSG.

We will also be happy to consider your application for other suitable positions within the FERI Group. In this case, we will contact you and invite you to apply for such a position or ask for your permission to evaluate your applicant information for another vacancy. If your request is a speculative application, we may also ask you about professional preferences and interests in order to be better able to search for suitable positions within our group of companies. In this case, we will also inform you whether a position is available that fits your profile.

On what legal basis is the data processed?

We collect your personal data for the purpose of carrying out the application process in accordance with Section 26 (1) of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). The data processing is necessary to enter into an employment relationship.

Who processes the data and who are the recipients of the data?

Your data will be processed by the HR department as well as the persons in the area of the position for which you have applied. In any case, your personal data will only be processed by members of the FERI Group. Your application data will be disclosed to all internal bodies, including the works council and, if necessary, the board of directors or the management or the compliance and money laundering division, which are involved in the decision or assessment on filling the position.

If the position is with a FERI Group company other, your data will be transferred to that company. These are either FERI AG or FERI (Luxembourg) S.A. If you apply via the application platform, the service provider "Softgarden", which is bound by instructions, will be used for the technical processing of the online application and may take note of the data within the scope of the execution of the order. The service provider only ensures the technical connection and does not process the data in terms of content. With your consent, application documents may also be forwarded to affiliated companies for consideration and contact for employment there.

Talent pool

If you decide to be included in the talent pool, authorised persons from the company can access your personal data in the context of filling positions. You will be included in the talent pool if you accept an invitation from the company or submit an unsolicited application.

The company will contact you if your profile matches an advertised position. The processing usually takes place in the application tool "Softgarden". With your consent, your personal data will be stored for a maximum of six months. If you wish to extend your consent, you will receive a corresponding e-mail. 

User account

You can apply without registering, but you have the option of creating a user account. In the event that you create a user account, your access data as well as information on the time and duration of use, information on the end device used (browser), IP address as well as the amount of data and executed transactions are processed each time you log in to the account. This is done for authentication and access design to the content accessible to the user and a necessary data processing according to Art. 6 para.2 (b) DSGVO. In addition, the data is processed for troubleshooting and identifying and processing security events; the basis is the legitimate interest in trouble-free operation pursuant to Art.6 para.2 (f) DSGVO. Log files of the web server are deleted after 52 days, login (attempts) are stored for 12 months.

Storage period

The personal data collected for the application will be stored for up to six months after our decision and deleted in case of rejection. In the event of employment, the data will be further processed by the employing company for the purpose of implementing the employment relationship in accordance with Section 26 (1) BDSG.

Rights of applicants

How can you change or correct your personal information?

In addition to the rights set out in the Privacy Policy, you can change and update your personal information and attached documents at any time by sending us an email with your request for change to karriere@feri.de or to the email address through which FERI contacted you after your online application. Please tell us in as much detail as possible which data and information should be changed. You can also withdraw your application at any time in the same way.

Right to information and deletion

You have the right to request information about the personal data stored about you at any time. You also have the right to request the deletion of the data stored about you. If you wish the data to be deleted before a position is filled, this will be deemed to be a withdrawal of your application. If you wish deletion before the expiry of the time limits for objections according to the AGG, deletion is only possible if you waive possible claims at the same time.

Right to withdraw consent

If data processing is based on consent, you can revoke your consent at any time.

Right to restriction of processing

You have the right to request a restriction of the processing of data concerning you.

Right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of data relating to you at any time on grounds relating to your particular situation.

Right to complain

You have the possibility to complain to the company data protection officer (see above for contact details) or to a data protection supervisory authority; the supervisory authority responsible for FERI is Hessischer Landesdatenschutzbeauftragter, Postfach 3163, 65021 Wiesbaden.

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